Dry Cleaning Procedure

  • On receiving your order,  one of our drivers will collect from your place of business or residence at an agreed time. The driver will need to be provided with a checklist for all the garments being sent for dry cleaning.
  • Your order will then be taken to one of our operational plants, where the garments will initially be inspected for stains and defects.
  • The recommended manufacturers procedure will also be taken note of. In certain cases if there are no cleaning instructions on the garments you will be contacted at which point you will be given the option of cancelling the order.
  • All items will be carefully classified by colour and content to ensure that they are cleaned and pressed by the most appropriate method. After cleaning items are re-inspected and maybe re-processed if the garment is not up to our standard.
  • Finally your garments are sorted, packed and despatched to you in our vans to your required destination.